If you missed the live webinar, here’s your chance to access the information! Award-winning sex and relationship coach Ashley Manta and her partner Ben (the infamous "B") as they distill and share a combined 20 years of insights and learning around intimacy, desire, communication, erotic attunement, energetic exploration, and sacred kink. This webinar is designed for couples who seek to enhance and transform their relationships with themselves and each other.

What will I learn?

  • The art of becoming an attuned lover
  • Sensual rituals for connection and manifestation
  • Hand techniques for maximum enjoyment
  • Energy play and thinking outside the box
  • Navigating conflict and struggles with kindness
  • Sharing and honoring fears, boundaries, and desires
  • Creating an emotional, energetic, and physical container for your play

NOTE: This is the recording of the webinar that was held on 2/12/22. It is 90 minutes long and upon purchase you will receive a link to view the recording.

Is this just for heterosexual couples? Nope! This webinar is open to folks of all genders and orientations (and also relationship configurations--invite your polycule, metamours, or playmates over to watch!)