Life changing.

Life changing hand jobs.

Sounds hyperbolic, doesn't it?

What if I told you that after teaching my HJ techniques at Hedonism resort in Jamaica earlier this month, that's exactly what dozens of the attendees shared with me afterward? Here are just some of the quotes:

"I felt like a virgin again"

"I've never orgasmed so hard in my life"

"That was the hottest HJ I've ever received"

"I felt my soul leave my body"

Hi, I'm Ashley Manta. I'm an award-winning sex and relationship coach, Playboy Advisor, and hand job evangelist. I'm inviting you to learn my most sought after skills to please the phallus in your life.

Who: This class is for anyone who plays with phalluses (including their own) and wants to learn how to make magic with their hands!

Why: HJs are often considered a throwaway activity. A stop along the way to oral or penetration. After this class, you'll understand why I consider HJs to be one of the greatest sex acts ever.

This is a pre-recorded video of a workshop that took place on 1/31/24. The link will be emailed to you after you purchase!